Media analysis and insights

Tailored for your needs

Increase your awareness — data-based decisions

Efficient communication management is not complete without customised media analysis. Who? When? Where? How? Why? Our high-standard analyses help you find answers to those questions or any other that you have in your mind.

With the help of the latest technologies and in cooperation with media analysis experts, we provide you with support of how to interpret the data and make data-based decisions. Our Big Data analysis solution helps you see the big picture and discover trends that humans alone wouldn’t find. 

Why should you analyze your media coverage?

If any of the following questions resonates to you, then it is time to start digging deeper. We are here to help you find answers to those questions and many more.

Know your position

Do you know how you perform in comparison with your main competitors?

Public opinion

Have you measured the public opinion towards your organisation? Does it fit with your inner understanding?


Have you ever wondered why your competitor gets more attention than you do?


Do you know who are the main influencers influencing the decisions of your customers?

Brand ambassadors

Do you know who your main brand ambassadors are? But the ones that work against your brand?

Trending topics

Have you ever wanted to be the first one to write about an emerging topic in your field?

Interested in zooming in?

Take a look at our most popular analysis products and book a meeting with us. We will take it from there.

Media audit

Find out what are the dynamics of your mentions over a month or a year. Compare your results with those of your competitors and determine how you did in comparison to the market average. Media audit enables you to learn what sources and authors wrote about you and what is the emotional value of the mentions.

Distribution of messages

Every so often you send PR messages to different media sources and want to know how successful your communication has been. Our message distribution solution gives you full understanding how far your message travelled and if it reached the targeted audience. You’ll find out in what media types and sources your message has been present as well as the potential number of people that had a chance to see it.

Brand reputation

There is no difference if you represent a private or a public sector organisation, managing your brand’s reputation is challenging anyway. Our brand reputation analysis helps you follow public conversations that mention your brand. We provide you with thorough overview of how your brand is perceived by public and what are the possibilites to improve it.

Crisis communication

Bad news spread in seconds and just one bad message can destroy all your hard work done building a strong brand. We help to keep an eye on the first manifestations of crisis, so you can react on them in time. Our crisis analysis provides you with the information of how the public perceives the current situation and provides suggestions on how you can change it.

Communication audit

Our communication audit helps you understand if your media communication is effective and if you have reached the attention of the auditorium you have been targeting. The communication audit provides you with an objective evaluation to your communication efforts.

Management report

Your organisation’s management team is probably overwhelmed with all kinds of reports from different fields of operations. For that reason we have created the brief communication report where all the necessary information the management team needs has been brought out in one page.

Industry insights

Our industry insight report helps you detect how the audience sees you when compared to your competitors and helps identify newcomers. You’ll also find out what are the trending and rising topics in your field, so you know which subjects audience is interested in.

Opinion leaders

Find out who are the most influential persons in the media that speak about your industry. Cooperate with them in order to boost your organisation’s communication scope even more.

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